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I'm a painter inspired by the natural beauty of the Algarve. The towering orange cliffs, the wild ocean and the vibrant pink Bougainvillea make me feel uplifted, energised and happy.... I hope you feel the same way when you look at my artwork.


Pure fresh colours, organic textures and harmonious compositions are a feature of everything I paint.  I want to bring a little Algarve sunshine into your home and create a living space that feels fresh as the ocean and warm as the sun-baked cliffs.... 


a wicker fern campos verde .jpg

For hand-finished pieces, commissions, collaborations and trade enquiries please get in touch.

A wood sun glow I.jpg

I have an extensive portfolio of coastal, botanical and abstract artworks, each one painted with the Algarve coastline at its heart. My art is licensed to publishers and retailers worldwide and I collaborate with interior designers both in Portugal and the UK

When I'm not painting wall art I'm painting the walls themselves and designing prints for soft furnishings.  I love interior design and creating environments where art and home decor work together to make you feel happy and relaxed. I have a monthly interiors feature in Portugal's Tomorrow magazine where I look at the best home decor in the Algarve and give lots of tips and ideas for breathing new life into your living space



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